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  • AddressMenlyn Mall, Entrance 2, c/o Atterbury Rd & Lois Ave. Pretoria
  • Phone012 348 0854

Booking Information

Please be advised that certain treatments are subject to availability at certain skin clinics. Booking in advance is recommended. Advanced Skin Technology is not responsible for any theft, damage, loss or misfortune that may occur. Late arrivals will result in a reduction of treatment time while the full treatment fee will apply. Non cancellation of treatment may result in a penalty cost. Kindly cancel appointment if unable to attend at least 24 hours prior to treatment.


Ladies Gents
Upper lip R320 R380
Chin R320 R380
Cheeks R400 R450
Full Face R1500 R1840
Sideburns R380 R410
Full beard including neck R800 R1030
Beard excluding neck R700 R920
Beard and neck front R450 R700
Uni brow R330 R380
Top Brow R320 R380
Forehead R350 R430
Ears R320 R380
Shave line R320 R380
Ladies Gents
Sides R630 R750
Brazilian strip R1100
Hollywood R1320
Ladies Gents
Half leg including knee R1840 R1950
Full leg R3000 R3680
Toes R320 R380
Feet including toes R350 R400
Ladies Gents
Neck R400 R460
Full back R2410 R3430
Mini lower back R700 R920
Shoulders R750 R970
Ladies Gents
Chest R1030 R1500
Chest and tummy R1950 R2900
Areola R170 R230
Tummy R1030 R1500
Belly button path R320 R380
Cleavage R320 R380
Ladies Gents
Half arm R1030 R1370
Full arm R1720 R2060
Underarm R630 R750
Hands including fingers R350 R400
Fingers R330 R360

Free test patch with consultation

Lumenis desire is a 805nm diode hair removal laser and has HS unique mechanism of pain reduction, providing safe, fast and comfortable treatment. The result is that it takes less treatments (reducing treatments time By 75%) to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Lumenis is empowered by two advanced technologies: vacuum assisted high-speed integrated technology (HIT) and Chill Tip technology. Made and manufactured in Israel.


Our Laser Hair Removal is performed with the world famous Lumenis Desire machine from Israel. Lumenis Laser Hair removal treatments are performed at The Beauty Palace 012 998 8526 at Parkview and Dermastetica in Menlyn mall entrance 2:

Package of 6 treatments: 5% discount
Package of 8 treatments: 10% discount


Microdermabrasion are performed with the platinum range diamond tip machine namely ” Viora Pristine”.

Microdermabrasion softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreases the appearance of scarring, decreases pore size and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots.
Needle Free Mesotherapy are performed with the latest technology namely “Viora Infusion”.

Needle free mesotherapy is a treatment designed to stimulate the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin. Natural solutions are injected into the mesoderm to stimulate skin rejuvenation. With “Viora Infusion” technology we can infuse these natural solutions into the mesoderm without the needles and is pain free.

We offer our clients a choice of exclusive skin products, treatments and the latest skin technology machines, so that we can customise the best skin product for your specific skin needs and get you the best possible results.

Skin Analysis is free.
Advanced skin treatment R1 500

Babor petite retreat R440
Babor turn back hands of time anti aging R900
Babor polished perfection microdermabrasion R760
Babor needle free mesotherapy plumped perfection R820
ADVANCED (monthly maintenance) BABOR deluxe
microdermabrasion with included ampule needle
free mesotherapy
nimue Therapeutic treatment R300
nimue Deep Cleanse treatment R300
nimue Bio Active 15% treatment R440
nimue 7.5 TCA treatment R490
nimue 35% Glycolic treatment R490
nimue Problematic skin R790
nimue Hyperpigmentation skin R790
nimue Environmental Damage Skin R790
nimue microdermabresion treatment R570
nimue needle free mesotherapy treatment TDS included R570
Advanced nimue microdermabresion with needle free
mesotherapy treatment TDS included
Anti-aging hand peel treatment R220
RegimA deep cleanse R270
RegimA Hydrating 30% peel treatment R400
RegimA Microdermabrasion R570
RegimA needle free mesotherapy R570
RegimA Hydrating 50% peel treatment R570
Guinot Hydra Peeling PH all skin R970
Guinot Hydradermie R780
Guinot Hydradermie Lift R970
Guinot Hydradermie Lift Deluxe R1070
Guinot hydraclean deep cleanse R400
Guinot optional microdermabrasion to add on hydradermie R300
Lamelle Hydrating Essential R380
Lamelle Age Correct Peel – Lacti Firm 30/10 R450
Lamelle Beta Plus Peel R460
Lamelle Microdermabrasion treatment R660
Lamelle needle free mesotherapy treatment R660
ADVANCED LAMELLE treatment microdermabrasion and
needle free mesotherapy (ampule included)
Enviro Deep Cleanse R300
Environ Hands on Vitamin Therapy R440
PH formula A.G.E skin resurfacing R760
PH formula M.E.L.A skin resurfacing R910
PH formula V.I.T.A C needle free mesotherapy R440
PH formula T.D.S lift-needle free mesotherapy R440
PH formula microdermabrasion R530
PH formula MDB + NFM + V.I.T.A C or T.D.S R900
OPTIPHI skin rejuvenating treatment R440
OPTIPHI advanced rejuvenating peel R660
Individual eyelashes R620
2 week fill from R300
Per lash R32
Express lashes R300
Lash removal R120
Natural tips R450
French tips R450
French or colour on natural tips R460
Natural overlay R340
French or colour overlay R410
Toe overlay R290
Glaze R120
Stiletto or Ballerina R500
Colour paint R70
Nail sticker R15
Nail art from R22
Diamond stones from R5
Full set stainseals R150
Full set chrome R200
Natural fill (up to 14 days) R250
Natural fill (up to 21 days) R360
Nail tip repair R53
Natural nail repair R42
Sculpture nail repair R58
File, buff and shine (acrylic) R95
File, buff and glaze R150
Soak off, buff and shine or paint R180
Soak off with new set R70
Soak off polish gel, buff and shine or paint R150
Soak off polish gel with new application polish gel R60
Polish gel application R240
Manicure R210
Spa manicure R280
Pedicure (no paint) R210
Spa pedicure R320
Buff and paint R140
Mani and pedi (up to 12 years) R190
Add on : French paint R30
Add on : paraffin wax R70
Add on : paint R70
Back and neck 30 min R230
Back and neck 45 min R300
Swedish body massage 60 min R370
Deep tissue sport massage 60 min R460
Aromatherapy body massage 60 min R400
Hot stone body massage 60 min R460
Foot massage 30 min R170
Indian head massage 30 min R230
Lash tint R100
Brow R90
Ladies Gents
Full legs R250 R330
Half leg R210 R200
Basic bikini R150 R170
Brazilian R240
Hollywood R300
Underarm R100 R80
Full arms R190 R180
Half arms R140
Neck R80
Full back R270
Half back R230
Chest R240
Tummy R120 R140
Full Face R230
Brows or lip or chin R80
Matric dance R350
Bridal make up or trial R520
Evening make up R500